We make Google work for you

The Creative Merchants is a specialist Google agency. We make sure our clients are highly visible on Google through creatively managing online content and advertising activity to drive more traffic to a client’s website and to generate sales.

Based in London, we work across Europe and USA for more than 20 manufacturers, retailers, distributors, professional service providers, media companies and non profit organisations. And we’re flexible; happy to work alongside commercial teams and digital agencies to maximise clients’ sales from the world’s biggest online marketplace.

Google Partner Agency

The Creative Merchants is a certified Google Partner and we have our badge to prove it. This means:

  • We have studied hard to pass the Google Certification exams
  • Our work is monitored by Google to meet its rigorous best practice standards
  • Our turnover with Google meets Google Partner criteria

Optimised contents enhances search position

The Creative Merchants team of highly qualified journalists upload content onto the main Google platforms to directly enhance client’s search position. All of our content is expertly optimised priority keywords and high traffic search terms. We optimise Google Maps, Google Plus and You Tube and even provide recommendations for client’s web content to help customers find your site via Google Search listings.

We build traffic to the web site via Google’s advertising services. All of our accounts are managed daily by experts focused upon selling products online and in store. Rather than go automated, we prefer to hand-craft our service to ensure we get the very best value for our client’s spend. We have great success with Google Shopping and You Tube currently and, of course, we utilise Adwords campaigns extensively.

Working closely with Google on a daily basis, we benefit from access to its senior analysts, planners and search experts, so we are always up to date the best approaches and the latest changes.

The numbers count

In the last 12 months, our track record includes:

  • Doubling a retailer’s visitors from Google within a 3 month period
  • Increasing one client’s online transactions by 100%+
  • Adding 10,000 plus new visitors per month to an industrial products web site
  • Implementing local language campaigns across France, Germany, Benelux, Sweden that delivered 7m ad impressions and over 2m advertising interactions
  • Typically our clients’ websites now have about 80% of their total visitors coming from Google sources

Get to Page one, cost effectively

The good news: to reach these impressive goals doesn’t cost a small fortune; ‘this is really good value’, a happy client told us.

Harnessing the reach and power of Google’s free and paid for services, combined with up to date market knowledge and understanding, all backed up by effective content (plus a healthy dose of enthusiasm), ensures that we deliver relevant traffic at a really cost effective rate.

Whether your budget is £1,000 or £50,000 per month we can drive your online business forward.

Ignore Google, Ignore customers

Whatever you’re selling and whoever you’re selling it to, your customers will be researching and buying on Google.

Creative Merchants is proactive in getting your organisation up the rankings so that you in the sights of your potential customers.


90% of research for products and services begins on Google, the sheer volume makes it impossible to ignore

Google is huge

  • 144 million searches per hour in the UK alone. Someone, somewhere will be looking for you

Purchase Decision

  • Over 90% of your customers start their purchase journey on Google


  • Google will be involved in nearly 70% of all significant consumer purchases


  • 98% of business to business purchasing decisions start on a search engine

Online Purchase

  • Online sales this year will exceed £52 billion, 15% of total sales in the UK

Offline Purchase

  • 88% of consumers research online before buying in a physical store

Your Google Toolkit

At Creative Merchants we pride ourselves in developing the skills of the clients we work with; you wont find us baffling you with techspeak, we prefer to keep clients fully informed of what’s going on.

We have a fully transparent policy revealing not just results but also our methodology and we pass on all our skills to our clients. We don’t take the black arts approach, our goal is to make our clients entirely self-sufficient in managing their Google services while providing targeted, strategic advice to enable Google to be as effective as possible for your needs.

If developing your staff, as well as your business is your goal, Creative Merchants can provide an integrated programme to achieve both.


Our process is simple and can even lead to full Google certification for our clients


  • We share strategy and methodology so the client understands our process

On Job Training

  • Weekly calls and task allocation develops client’s skills

Training Camp

  • Monthly training sessions to build client’s knowledge

Google Workshops

  • Take our client’s in to meet the experts


  • We study with the client and take them through the certification exams


AS A SPECIALIST SEARCH AGENCY Creative Merchants utilise all the free Google services to upload targeted content to improve ranking on specific, priority search terms.

We then drive lots of customers to a client’s web site by using Google’s commercial services. Linking all the activity together then produces a bonus that further improves ranking. Google rewards loyalty so the more services you use over a sustained period of time – the better you will perform on Google Search.


Google rewards loyalty, the more services you use, the better you perform on Search

Google My Business

  • Get your business on the map: free and essential starting point to get seen by Google and customers

Google Plus

  • Get news onto Google page 1 and optimise postings to enhance search position

Google Certified Shops

  • Attracts new customers with a Google endorsement of your services

You Tube

  • Content is 52 times more likely to make Google page 1 than other content. Great value advertising and targeting


  • Bid on keywords to reach customers searching for relevant products or services

Google Shopping

  • Prominent, effective, low-cost online, and offline, shop window for your products


  • 99% of web visitors will not do what you want on a first visit. Remarketing attracts them back, with a greater chance of results

More than Just Words

Google rewards original and relevant content with better search position.

Creative Merchants produces the highest quality content, effectively targeted to attract and engage with the widest possible audience.

Our highly experienced team of journalists can write about virtually anything with authority and in a (optimised) style appropriate for your audience.

Our consistent tone of voice communicates your values to the Google marketplace. Ultimately this audience will trust your product, service and company and will become your customers.


Our highly experienced journalists know how to write fully optimised, original and relevant copy on virtually any subject

Original relevant content

  • Carefully crafted and not just a bunch of keywords strung together


  • Compelling content to draw in the right audience to your company


  • Get visitors interested, excited and active


  • Develop customer trust through good practice


  • Use your customers to boost your profile

So who are the Creative Merchants ?

Creative Merchants is a collaboration of professional writers with a huge range of expertise across many sectors.

Whatever your content requirements we have writers capable of creating the highest quality optimised copy.

And our commercial associates have detailed expertise across digital media including pay per click advertising and search engine optimisation.

Formed in 2013 by founding partners Bruce Black (the one with glasses) and Gary Kimberley, Creative Merchants brings this wide range of talents to digital media to help clients get the most out of Google.

Specifically, we will improve your search ranking by developing the relevance of your content.

We focus upon the Quality Triangle and ensure that your landing page, your priority search terms and any advertising activity are optimised to meet current Google ranking criteria.

Triangle of Doom

Getting the right customers to your site relies on a consistent, relevant approach to all your online presence


  • Relevant and consistent messages across all platforms

Search term

  • Find key search terms for your market – and use them

Ad activity

  • Incorporate these relevant keywords in your ads

Landing page

  • You need those same relevant keywords on your landing page

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If you are coming to visit, we are just off Buckhold Road. Don’t rely on using the postcode on Google maps, the marker is in the wrong place. Type in The Creative Merchants on Google Maps and it will bring you to the right place...

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